Explore smallholder farmer Hassan Abdul's oil palm plantation with 360 panoramic view

Many local people in the Kinabatangan region are involved with oil palm farming. While some local people work on large palm oil estates owned by companies, other local people are known as smallholder farmers. Smallholder farmers have their own small farms and will sell their oil palm fruit to local palm oil mills so the fruits can be processed into crude palm oil. To learn more about smallholder farmers, click here. Listen to reforestation worker and oil palm smallholder Usof Pibu speak about the need for sustainable palm oil production:

Wild Asia is a local non-profit organization which works to develop environmentally sustainable solutions. One of the initiatives is a program known as Wild Asia Smallholder Group Scheme (WAGS). WAGS helps smallholder farmers gain Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification. This certification proves their oil palm fruit is produced using environmentally sustainable practices, and the fruits can be sold to oil palm mills at a premium price. Listen to Aloysius Jublee Intang speak about his role as a technical field assistant for the Wild Asia Smallholders Group Scheme (WAGS):

Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) fruit


Wild Asia Smallholder Group Scheme (WAGS) helped 36 smallholder farmers gain RSPO certification in 2014, and aims to help over 100 other smallholders gain certification this year. Listen to smallholder oil palm farmer Wahad Payani speak about what it was like becoming the first RSPO certified smallholder in Kinabatangan:

Hassan Abdul owns an oil palm farm which he inherited from his father. He is working to gain RSPO certification for his farm, and is adopting better farm management practices with the help of the Wild Asia Smallholder Group Scheme (WAGS). Listen to smallholder oil palm plantation owner Hassan Abdul speak about the benefits of becoming RSPO certified:

Oil palm fresh fruit bunch


If smallholder farmers are RSPO certified, they can receive a high price for their oil palm fruit from the mill they sell it to. However, not all palm oil mills are RSPO certified. Listen to smallholder oil palm farmer Asmar Yusup speak about some of the challenges of being a smallholder farmer:

Working on an oil palm farm is very labor intensive. Tasks such as harvesting, fertilizer and insecticide application, and pruning must all be completed very early in the day before it gets too warm. Listen to oil palm worker Dapi speak about what a day working on an oil palm plantation is like: