Shh! I see something through my binoculars! Do you recognize these animals?

Proboscis monkeys are a very unique looking species! Male proboscis monkeys have very large noses, are 2/3 of a meter in height, and weigh approximately 23 kilograms. The males make a distinctive call, which sounds a lot like "UH-OH." Female proboscis monkeys are roughly half the size of the male proboscis monkey, and have a smaller, pointier nose. Proboscis monkeys live in groups. One type of group consists of one male, and many females and young. The other type of group consists of many male "bachelor" monkeys who have not yet mated. Like Bornean sun bear and orangutan species, habitat destruction, poaching and hunting, and the pet trade all pose threats to the proboscis monkey's survival. Watch proboscis monkeys along the banks of the Kinabatangan River: