Experience a local tree seedling nursery with 360 panoramic view

Nestle has developed a Creating Shared Value (CSV) program along the Kinabatangan River called Nestle RiLeaf. Nestle RiLeaf has reforestation and sustainable oil palm components. Listen to Nestle Malaysia's Agriculture Officer Kertijah Kadir speak about Nestle's reforestation efforts through RiLeaf:

Experience a local reforestation site with 360 panoramic view

Nestle RiLeaf, a reforestation project in the Kinabatangan region, collaborates with Komuniti Anak Pokok Kinabatangan (KAPOK) to purchase tree seedlings from members of the local community. Listen to Norazizah Pibu describe her experience being involved with Nestle RiLeaf and KAPOK in the Kinabatangan: