Tourists from around the world come to see local species such as the orangutan, proboscis monkey, and Borneo pygmy elephant living along the Kinabatangan River of Malaysian Borneo. Eco tourism is a growing industry, and provides a source of income for many local people living in the region. The primary villages located along the lower portion of the Kinabatangan River include Batu Puteh, Bilit, Sukau, and Abai.

Jamal Hj Lias is from Sukau, and is the owner of Sukau Greenview Travelling Tours, a rainforest lodge located along the Kinabatangan River. Listen to Jamal Hj Lias speak about the sustainable tourism industry in Sukau, Malaysia:

KOPEL-MESCOT is a sustainable tourism and conservation initiative in Batu Puteh, Malaysia. The initiative was founded by the local people living along the Kinabatangan River, known as the Orang-Sungai, or "people of the river." Listen to KOPEL-MESCOT chairman Hasim Hamid speak about the organization's aims and vision:

KOPEL-MESCOT is engaged in sustainable tourism initiatives, as well as environmental conservation and restoration projects. Listen to Zazarita Badron, communications manager of KOPEL-MESCOT, speak about the organization's environmental initiatives: