Rosemary Ostfeld

Rosemary is a PhD student at the University of Cambridge researching the impact of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil on improving environmental sustainability in the palm oil industry. She has competed in the Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race in the Cambridge University Boat Club's 2014 Goldie Boat, and the Cambridge University Women's Boat Club's 2015 Blue Boat. Rosemary also organizes events for the Cambridge University Expeditions Society.


Tim Tito Rademacher

Tim researches plant mortality and the interactions between the biosphere and atmosphere using computational models. Prior to his PhD studies at Clare College, Cambridge, he did an internship with UNEP-WCMC working on Protected Areas as well as Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas. He also worked for the GiZ in Kenya on increasing the resilience of smallholder farmers to climate change. He travelled extensively and has successfully competed in many sports, and is a winner of the 2015 Oxford vs Cambridge Lightweight Men's Boat Race.